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The Tragedy of Waste - The Book

The Tragedy of Waste

by Bob Emiliani
The Center for Lean Business Management LLC

As is often the case, great ideas and practices are the result of many people’s thoughts and labors over many years. Things that seem new to us were often known by others long ago. Taking a look back in time to how people understood the meaning of the “waste” in industrial management can help us understand present-day challenges.

The Tragedy of Waste is the title of a long-forgotten book written by Mr. Stuart Chase (1888-1985) and published in 1925 [1]. I came across this book as I was researching industrial management and engineering texts published between 1910 and 1930. The title alone was very intriguing, given the prominence of waste in Lean management. More importantly, it turns out the contents of the book had much to reveal about what people at that time understood about waste and how to eliminate it.

Stuart Chase was an accountant interested in improving the efficiency and economic performance of government and industry [2]. He was a prolific author, having written more than a dozen books. The Tragedy of Waste gained world-wide attention [3] for the direct way in which it exposed big problems in industrial planning, production, and consumption.

The English language version of the book almost certainly found its way to Japan ( Hokkaido University library has a copy, for example). It is not known if The Tragedy of Waste was translated into Japanese or if it influenced the thinking of Kiichiro Toyoda, Eiji Toyoda, or Taiichi Ohno. We do know that Henry Ford’s book, Today and Tomorrow, published in 1926 [4], discussed waste at length and did influence Ohno’s thinking [5].

It is likely that Henry Ford read Chase’s book, as well a 1921 book titled Waste in Industry [6], written by a committee of engineers chaired by Herbert Hoover (whose undergraduate degree was in geology). Hoover, a Republican, became the 31 st President of the United States (1929-1933), and was perhaps the only President who had a good understanding of waste [7]. Some of the facts, figures, and sources and causes of waste found in Waste in Industry appeared in Chase’s book.

The New York Times had this to say about The Tragedy of Waste:

"An exciting and informing book. The author has surveyed this sorry world and has shown how absurdly it is organized and managed. That one-half of productive man-power is waste is the conclusion at which he has arrived.” [8]

It was worth reading then, and again now, because it informs us of the rich history of modern industrial management and the people who long ago dedicated their lives to eliminating waste and improving the workplace and economic standing of the country and its citizens.

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Industrial Engineering Consultant - Boston Industrial Consulting - USA

Industrial and Operations Engineering for Manufacturing and Distribution companies seeking workflow efficiency and excellence.

Boston Industrial Consulting

89 Newbury Street, Suite 106 Danvers, MA 01923
(978) 739 - 0399 Phone
(978) 739 - 0390 Fax

Boston Industrial Consulting is an independent
Operations and Industrial Engineering firm
assisting Lean Manufacturing, Distribution and Back
Office Operations to improve efficiency, output and

Lean Manufacturing Consulting and Training
Process Improvement
:: Distribution Center Design
:: Material Handling Design
:: Facility Design
:: Industrial Engineering


It is our strong belief that as Industrial Engineering Consultants, we are mandated to bring OBJECTIVITY and VALUE to our client's projects. We assure that we are diligent to these philosophies by developing a close relationship with clients, starting with an accurate definition of scope and deliverables, and providing the highest quality workmanship, expertise and organization to each project. We maintain a level of flexibility in our staffing to allow for immediate response to our client's ever changing demands. While each project scope is uniquely tailored to each client, our typical project involves one or more of these phases:

* Phase 1: Master Planning and Conceptual Design

Business plan review, objective and goal development, management interviews, operations audit, benchmarking analysis, current condition assessment, data collection and analysis, conceptual solution development and evaluation, solution simulation, consolidation and expansion options, logistics study and ROI analysis.

* Phase 2: Detail Design Development

Detail layout planning, material handling system design, operating process documentation, system and software requirements, project organization and timeline development, equipment specifications, MEP documentation, Lean training programs, A/E design interface.

* Phase 3: Project Implementation

Project management, supplier analysis, vendor proof of performance, equipment installation coordination, material handling implementation, system turnover, start-up, de-bug and construction interface and the principles and techniques of Lean Manufacturing.

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Industrial Engineering Consultant - H.B. Maynard and Company Inc.

H. B. Maynard and Company Inc.

Seven Parkway Center, Pittsburgh PA 15220
Phone: 1.800.629.6273, 412.921.2400, Fax: 412.921.4575

Mission Statement

Maynard provides tools, training, and guidance
to our clients to help them improve
workforce performance and eliminate waste.

Maynard® is an international consulting, software, and training business dedicated to providing innovative solutions to improve workforce performance and eliminate waste. Formed in 1934 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the company is recognized as a leader in the areas of industrial engineering and productivity management.

Maynard serves a variety of industries in the retail, manufacturing, distribution, utility, and service sectors. Since the disciplines presented in our Maynard Workforce Performance Model impact any type of organization, we have not limited the industries we serve.

We have helped clients successfully improve workforce performance in offices, distribution centers, retail stores, banks, and pharmaceutical companies, in addition to all types of traditional manufacturing and assembly operations.

Our core offerings align with the nine disciplines of the Maynard Workforce Performance Model™.

These disciplines include:

1. 5-S,
2. Work Flow Design,
3. Best Methods,
4. Setup Reduction,
5. Engineered Standards,
6. Workforce Training,
7. Staffing and Reporting,
8. Wage Alignment and
9. Managing Performance.

In support of each discipline we offer training courses, software applications, and consulting assistance.

We are proud to have partnered with so many excellent companies. We serve hundreds of established and new clients each year. Our client list includes many Fortune 500 companies, but also a number of small and medium-sized businesses. Our average annual repeat business is over 60%. We sincerely enjoy the win-win relationships we have with our clients.

Unlike many traditional consulting firms consisting of individual experts developing a number of independent practice groups, we are a team of professionals striving to be value-centered, business-like, and mission-driven. We work together to serve our clients and to develop innovative new offerings to continuously increase the value we bring to them.

Industrial Engineering Consultant - Robert Kahn - Memphis, TN 38187

Industrial Engineering Consultant
(Helping Industry to Increase Productivity)

To Contact:

Robert Kahn
PO Box 17731
Memphis, TN 38187
Phone: 901 766 9949 Fax: 901 681 9335

* General problem solving to eliminate bottlenecks and other problems plaguing your business.

* Solutions that reduce costs and increase productivity and profits.

* Consulting - in the design, improvement, and installation of integrated systems of people, materials and equipment

* Achieving productivity and quality improvement.

Partial List of Industrial Engineering Services Provided:

Plant Layout
Time Study

Material Handling

Methods Improvement

Equipment Selection
Labor Incentives
Bar Coding

Product Flow Analysis


Workplace Design

Some of the Companies Served (Client List):

Eastman Kodak
Imperial Chemical (ICI)
AT&T/Teletype Corporation
Orgill Brothers
D. Canale Food Services
American President (APL)
Excel Manufacturing
City of Memphis Hospital


Robert Kahn has been a successful engineering consultant to industry for over 20 years, based on a degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and over 30 years of wide-ranging experience as an Industrial Engineer. He is expert at using industrial engineering principles to solve problems and improve efficiency and profitability. As an Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, Mr. Kahn taught the entire IE curriculum to students and supervised their projects in industry.
Here are some examples of Mr. Kahn's work:

Hired by an international frieght company which had been handling invoicing at the local level, Mr. Kahn prepared a report, based on his study, of the annual savings to be realized from centralized invoicing. The result was considerable dollar savings, plus many non-tangible benefits to the company.

Established labor standards for a new 500,000 sq. ft. hardware distribution center in South Georgia. Labor standards for order picking, stocking, receiving and shipping - in all, 16 different standards were established. Recommendations were made for changes that resulted in reduced labor costs. In dealing with problems in the shipping department, recommendations made by Mr. Kahn resulted in reduced labor requirements, reduced congestion and new data that allowed the company to determine staff needs for different levels of merchandise to be shipped. Meetings with management and staff provided the way for employees to buy into the new labor standards.

A manufacturer of windows and doors in Memphis had a bottleneck at one operation where a sizable investment in new equipment had been made during the past year. Based on initial projections, they were achieving only 66% of projected throughput. Based on a study of operations, recommendations for achieving 100% throughput resulted in reduced labor costs and increased capacity.

A chemical company wanted to know staffing requirements for their plastic sheet manufacturing operation. From studies of their operation, recommendations were made on staffing needs for different products. Staffing needs were tied to type and size of plastic sheets being run. Reduced labor costs resulted from Mr. Kahn's efforts.


[Sept. 1977-present] - Independent consultant providing IE consulting services to manufacturing, distribution and service companies. Specializing in sampling studies, manpower utilization and efficiency studies, plant layout, selection of material handling equipment, methods improvement, setting labor standards using time study and predetermined time standards, development of distribution and inventory control systems, human factors engineering, application of the use of bar coding and general problem solving to improve efficiency and increase productivity.

[Sept. 1977-Aug.1979] - Assistant Professor, Industrial Engineering, Tennessee State Technical Institute. Taught the entire IE curriculum, including: Time and Motion Study, Methods Engineering, Plant Layout, Material Handling, Engineering Economy, Industrial Safety, Production Cost Control, Quality Control, Engineering. Supervised senior student projects in industry. Established student chapter of Institute of Industrial Engineers.

[Apr. 1976-Sept.1977] - Sr. Industrial Engineer, Sanyo Mfg. Corp. - Set labor standards based on time study and MTM, wrote "make vs. buy" proposals, Responsible for methods improvement and assembly line balancing, prepared justification for in-plant parts production and prepared requirements for assembly and sub-assembly operations.

[Jan. 1975-Apr. 1976] - Industrial Engineer, ITE Imperial - Methods improvements, workstation design, established labor standards, analyzed, made recommendations and implemented improvement in: production control, inventory control, assembly operations, conveyor paint line, employee morale, repair program for tools and jigs, and quality control.

[June,1967-June 1972] - Industrial Engineer, Eastman Kodak Company - Designed a relocated manufacturing process for professional sheet film. This required analysis of current process and recommendations for layout, material handling methods, workplace design and storage systems. Also performed work measurement studies, methods analysis and improvement, economic justification of new material handling equipment, equipment capacity studies, design of computer programs for optimum slitting of film, writing computer programs to simulate new automatic storage system and production improvement programs.

[June1966-Mar.1967] - Industrial Engineer/Advanced Manufacturing, General Electric Co. - Recommended new system for determining optimum lot size purchases, designed new inventory control system, selected equipment for new raw material warehouse, maintained computer report on loading and scheduling of production equipment.

Bachelor of Industrial Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology (1966), MBA courses, University of Memphis, Memphis, TN and University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR.

Member, Institute of Industrial Engineers (past president of Memphis chapter)

Industrial Enginerring Consultant - VIRTUAL MACHINES Inc.

Our consulting expertise is often sought for second opinions on critical projects and for a fresh perspective on existing projects. In many cases we are asked to evaluate manufacturing operations and propose ways to reduce cost and improve quality and operator safety.
Our industrial engineering expertise is based on Japanese production philosophy (Singo's System for Continuous Improvement) and European and North American manufacturing practices.

Here are some examples of Consulting Services we offer:

Project Management - We provide project management services that include: the creation of budgets and time schedules, working with vendors and contractors, preparation of request for quotations (RQFs), oversight of installations, start up and commissioning of equipment and systems, and training.

Cost Analysis - We perform cost analysis of all factors associated with a product, machine or process. To arrive at a true cost value, we take into account hidden factors commonly overlooked.

Ergonomics Improvement - We analyze the interaction between human beings and technology in real work settings, designing solutions that make the most productive use of human capabilities while ensuring the maintenance of employee health and safety. Our basic principle is that the job must fit the person in all respects and that the work environment should not compromise the health or well being of workers.

Manufacturing Process Design - We design cost-effective manufacturing solutions for our clients. Our approach to manufacturing process design is based on Shigeo Shingo's system of continuous improvement.
2D/3D Layout - We create 2D and 3D layouts for machines and equipment, plants, work cells, air and electrical services, process flow, etc.

Time Study - We apply Time Study (Time-Motion Study) to determine the most effective ways to use basic manufacturing elements, such as people, machines, materials, information and energy.

Machine Manuals and Documentation - We create information manuals and other documentation for existing machinery and equipment. These manuals typically include operator instructions, electrical and other requirements, as well as preventative maintenance schedules and spare parts lists.
Poka – Yoke Mistake Proofing - We design Poka-Yoke devices to prevent mistakes and to make mistakes obvious at a glance.

Reverse Engineering - We provide reverse engineering services, duplicating or enhancing existing parts, assemblies or machines

Here are some examples of how our services benefit our clients:

By creating virtual prototypes we can reduce the number of physical prototypes and tests required.
We can reduce design time, without the loss of flexibility.

We can reduce the time it takes to bring a product to market.

We can increase the accuracy of assembly parts by designing them within assembly model, directly using geometry from adjacent parts or layouts.

Our clients save by not needing an additional in-house CAD station or software.

By outsourcing to us, our clients minimize their payroll, free up valuable workspace and free their human resources to work on what they do best.

We can reduce manufacturing cost by reducing waste, improving material flow, eliminating defects and reducing production cycle time.

For confidentially reasons, we are not able to disclose specifics about some of clients or previous engagements. Please click on image below to visit gallery and see some of the projects we worked on.

Please contact us for our rates for:

· Mechanical CAD Services

· Product Design and Development Services

· Consulting Services

· Industrial Automation Services

Initial consultations and quotations are always free of charge and are at no obligation.

We prefer to provide quotations for new projects. Unless otherwise stated, our quotes are on a "not to exceed" basis. An hourly rate is charged for work not quoted on a fixed fee basis.

On-site service is billed for a minimum of eight (8) hours.

For an estimate, please call us or send us an e-mail with the details of your project.

You can contact us:

by e-mail:

by phone: 416 899 9585

by mail: Virtual Machines Inc., Attn: Jovan Pajovic, 1329 Sweetbirch Crt., Mississauga, ONTARIO L5C 3R4, CANADA


VMI is a part of a network of local and international companies that we often work with on projects. We have chosen these companies – “our business partners” – because of their expertise in their particular fields. Our clients benefit from the knowledge and experience of our business partners.

These are some of their specialties:

· Mechanical CAD software

· Electrical system integration for industrial automation and custom machinery

· Industrial PC based control
· Industrial electrical contracting

· 3D CNC machining

· Precision grinding and machining

· Tool and die building

· Fabrication of custom machinery

· Industrial supply



IE Consultant - Prosolve - Canada

Legal Name: ProSolve Consulting Ltd.
Operating Name: ProSolve Consulting Ltd.

Mailing Address

3 - 10024 - 29A Ave. N.W.
T6N 1A8

Location Address

3 - 10024 - 29A Ave. N.W.
T6N 1A8

Telephone: (780) 414-1895
Fax: (780) 485-3115
Website URL:

Contact Information

W. David HALL
Title: President
Area of Responsibility: Management Executive
Telephone: (780) 414-1895
Fax: (780) 485-3115


Company Description

ProSolve has facilitated change in many different manufacturing
and industrial companies since 1987. We offer a unique
combination of services which include operations management
consulting, industrial and manufacturing engineering, and design
engineering. The value ProSolve delivers results from our
ability to improve our clients' operations and increase their
performance and profit. The services we offer are based on
quality and lean principles.

Country of Ownership: Canada
Year Established: 1987
Exporting: Yes
Primary Industry (NAICS): 541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Alternate Industries (NAICS): 541330 - Engineering Services
541619 - Other Management Consulting Services

Primary Business Activity: Services
Total Sales ($CDN): $500,000 to $999,999


Product / Service / Licensing

Service Name: Quality Management Systems Consulting

Development, implementation and training for ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems and ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems.

Service Name: Environmental Management Systems Consulting

Development, implementation and training for ISO 14000 and ISO
14001 Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

Service Name: Manufacturing and Industrial Engineering

Lean manufacturing. Manufacturing process design. Process
Optimization. Plant layouts.


Industrial Engineering. Manufacturing Engineering. Plant
Layout. Manufacturing Plant Designs. Process Optimizations.
Lean manufacturing. Training.

Service Name: MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT - ISO 9000, ISO 14000 & ISO 22000

Development and implementation of ISO 9000 Quality Management
Systems, ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems & ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems.


Design and re-design organization structures, roles and responsibilities for effectiveness.


FSC Code: B219-Other Engineering Studies
C211-Architect - Engineer Services (incl. landscaping, interior layout and designing)
C212-Engineering Drafting Services
C214-A&E Management Engineering Services
C215-A&E Production Engineering Services (incl. Design and Control and Building Programming)
E199-Other Environmental Services
H100-Quality Control Services
R000-Professional, Administrative and Management Support Services
R008-Engineering and Technical Services (incl. Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Electronic Engineering)

IE Consultant - ILOGIC

ISO 9001:2000 and A Ceritified Member of MMBDC

999 Tech Row, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Phone: 248-616-4500 or 800-229-2951
Fax: 248-616-4551

I*LOGIC, Inc., is an engineering services company that has a rich history of providing our customers integrated solutions with a shop floor focus. Our extensive experience and key strategic business alliances, both in North America and in Low Cost Producing countries, empowers our firm to bring to our customers cost effective technical assessment, planning and execution as evidenced by the Product and Service Offering table outlined below. Please click on any service area for more information and then contact us to begin discussions on how we can partner and exceed your expectations.

Advanced Manufacturing Process Engineering

I*LOGIC?s AME Process Engineering group provides a complete suite of engineering services that supports new product introduction from business case development, process engineering, through to launch of the production system. This team also can provide detailed evaluation and corrective action plans for the troubleshooting of existing manufacturing systems, including but not limited to:

Business Case Development
Manufacturing Process Design
Equipment and Machine Tool Specifications
Vendor Selection and Management
Procurement Support
Machine and Process Capability Studies
Pre and Post Launch Support
Manufacturing Process Troubleshooting
Productivity Improvement Initiatives

Industrial Engineering
I*LOGIC?s Industrial Engineering group creates solutions that reduce waste and enhance productivity. Our experience in planning and implementing Lean Manufacturing principles are at the core of our service offering. Through our Industrial Engineering group we offer:

Plant Layout
Systems and Process Engineering
Value Stream Mapping
Static and Dynamic Simulation
Work Station Analysis and Design
Current State Analysis
Factory Floor Optimization
Euclidian Studies
Delivery Route Development and Congestion Analysis
Dock Analysis and Utilization Planning
Storage Analysis and Design
Equipment and Process System Installation Supervision
Plan Execution Management

Industrial Engineering Consultant - CVK Engineering

CVK is an Industrial Engineering Consulting Firm that specializes in Apparel Manufacturing using Standard Data and MTM-1 to develop Standard Production Times, Product Costing, Factory Layout, Operation Methodology, Workstation Layout, in the Cutting, Sewing, and Finishing Departments.

CVK has also developed educational seminars for on-site, on-the-job productivity projects implementing the latest in methods and standard development, information tech, workplace layout, and factory design.

Most importantly we help manufacturers improve business practices, increase efficiency and reduce time-to-market.


CVK Engineering
574 East Hermitage Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19128
Telephone: 215.483.4815
Mobile: 267.808.4816
Fax: 215.483.4815


CVK Engineering
Riverfront Residence
SV City 912/1-286
Rama III Road
Bangpongpang, Yannawa,
Bangkok, Thailand 10120

Telephone: 662.682.7888
Fax: 662.682.7889
Mobile 661.899.8605

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Industrial Engineering Consultant - Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc

Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc. provides software products and consulting services to assist our clients in making better business decisions. The focus of our efforts is to assist our clients in improving the productivity of their manufacturing operations while reducing their per-unit costs. We also provide strategic assistance by creating virtual representations of their future-factories to help them manage risk and maximize return on assets and shareholder equity. Our clients tell us that they have saved millions of dollars from a single use of our software tools and methodologies.

Industries, like individuals, experience growth and maturity. With maturity comes a new set of objectives and the resources to reach even loftier goals. In the face of increasing competition and tightening margins, today's high technology companies are looking for ways to reduce their financial risk, contain costs, improve productivity, and reward shareholders.

Recognizing these trends has sustained Wright Williams & Kelly's (WWK) rapid growth over the past five years. NOW, WWK has taken another bold step toward ensuring our customers' success. WWK has integrated the Industrial Engineering resources of the world's leading high technology factory design firm and WWK's operational modeling software expertise into a powerful new resource.

At the NEW WWK, we understand that what we provide is more than software and engineering resources. We provide ANSWERS to your most important manufacturing questions. Our customers demand RESULTS and we provide the breadth of solutions they need to succeed.

WWK provides the industry's standard operational modeling suite: cost of ownership (TWO COOL®), process cost analysis (PRO COOL®), cost and resource evaluation (Factory Commander®), and capacity analysis and discrete event simulation (Factory Explorer®).

From analyzing a single process step to optimizing a full factory to complete Industrial Engineering (IE) outsourcing. WWK can support your exacting demands on-site, worldwide. WWK provides results in industry standard formats and commercially available solutions that are available to both our customers and their suppliers.

So whether you need a software tool or on-site engineering resources, CALL Wright Williams & Kelly, your key to continued growth.

Wright Williams & Kelly, Inc.
6200 Stoneridge Mall Road • 3rd Floor • Pleasanton, CA 94588 • Tel 925-399-6246 • Fax 925-396-6174

WWK is indisputably the leading software developer for Cost of Ownership modeling programs in capital intensive industries. Cost of Ownership is a key metric in the semiconductor industry because it provides a means to model future semiconductor manufacturing processes before companies invest in new fabs, fab refurbishment, or technology migration. Cost of Ownership modeling provides detailed and objective analysis for decision making regarding equipment selection, materials use, and process sequence design. The Company has also introduced factory software models which, in addition to modeling Cost of Ownership, provide a comprehensive array of capacity and profitability analyses on full factory operations and layout. The sophisticated scope of these programs embraces multiple product output and multiple process lines. Simulations are precision tuned by probability and distribution curve analyses.

The need for the Company's products is fostered by significant economic, technical, and opportunity factors present in high technology industries.

Risk Management: New semiconductor fabs now cost over $2 billion with next-product generation fabs projected to cost $3 billion. Eighty percent of the investment cost is related to the manufacturing process and production equipment. There are over 900 fabs in operation worldwide with a projected 100 new $2 billion-plus fabs to be built by 2010. Semiconductor manufacturers have turned to equity partnerships with competitors, suppliers, and governments to raise the required capital and manage the enormous investment risk. They can optimize their investment potential and manage operational risk by adopting advanced capabilities in manufacturing design. Among these advanced capabilities are predictive software products that simulate and model risk, productivity and profit factors. WWK is squarely at the forefront of this trend.

Industry Growth: Semiconductor industry sales have grown at a double-digit CAGR worldwide since 1980. Most developing countries have identified electronics as a "pillar" industry worthy of aggressive government support. Global semiconductor manufacturing leadership is viewed by U.S. officials as vital to America's economic base and defense strategy. Continuous growth and technical advancement drive the construction of new fabs featuring expanded capacity with more sophisticated, costly processes. Older technology in the existing installed fab base eventually becomes a commodity often before the fab investment has been recouped. In either event, WWK's productivity measurement and enhancement software helps management decide which technology, at what capacity, and at what return.

Technical Change: In the semiconductor industry, a new generation of devices is produced approximately every two to three years. Each generation has four times the number of transistors as its predecessor. This increased density enhances the product's computational speed, memory capacity, or logic functions exponentially. Intel's 286 microprocessor for personal computers, for example, had its debut in l982. The next generation 386 was introduced in 1985. Similarly, the 486 was introduced in 1988, the Pentium in 1992, and the Pentium Pro in 1994. Each generational advance in product technology requires semiconductor manufacturers to spend 50% more in R&D than was spent on its predecessor. Product technology also drives investment costs upward as increasingly more sophisticated manufacturing capabilities are needed which renders new equipment technically obsolete in three years or with each new generation of product. International technology roadmaps project this sequence to extend well into the next decade. The pressure of relentless technical change and investment escalation has given high visibility to risk and productivity issues. WWK's predictive software products are invaluable decision-enhancing tools for management in this complex and dynamic environment.