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Systems thinking
Teaching systems thinking to industrial engineering students, M. Kudret Yurtseven

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Industrial Engineering

"Eliminate - combine - reduce" is the theme of Michelin's Industrial Engineering organization. Our IEs are trained to leverage their engineering and analytical competencies to systematically create solutions that result in cost savings for the company. Interfacing with people, technology, and business, Michelin IEs are on the front line each day to facilitate continuous efficiency improvement in all areas of the organization.

Industrial Engineer Requires a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering or industrial engineering or equivalent technical degree.

Conducts productivity improvement and cost reduction projects in the Group Services environment

Works in direct cooperation with employees and managers in the study and implementation of projects through the application of the Michelin IE method and related techniques. Project work includes work processes and flow analysis, organizational benchmarking, manpower planning, and productivity and efficiency improvements.

Begins employment with a training program that combines in-plant project and classroom work in IE functions, methods, and tools.

Singareni Collieries Company Limited

A Brief on Industrial Engineering Department

Area MCS Statement

Area Level

Region Level

Corporate Level

SCCL is pioneer in introduction of Scientific Management Techniques.
IED Started in 1950s with IBCONS Consultants.
All the IEs are Graduate Engineers with Post Graduation in Industrial Engineering.
IED of SCCL is the oldest in the Mining Industry and is older than IE Professional Body Indian Institution of Industrial Engineering.
IED is pioneer in scientifically establishing Jobs Standard, Crew Sizes and Job Evaluation in the Coal Mining which helped the Company in improvement of Productivity over the Years.
Evolved for the first time various Performance Parameters for measurement of Productivity/Performance of various Groups, Mines and Company for monitoring.
Designed and introduced Productivity linked Wage Incentive Plans developed on Scientific basis for the first time in the Mining Industry.
Played vital role in Computerisation of Pay Roll and Materials Management System
Provided Consultancy Services to M/S Coal India Limited and M/S APMDC in Industrial Engineering
On request of AP Transco, made a presentation about the role and functioning of Industrial Engineering in SCCL. This enabled them to start the IE function in their organisation.
IE Functions:
Work Study
Methods Study
Systems Study and Improvement
Job Standards and Work Norms Development
Optimal Crew Sizes determination
Development of PERT Charts for various tasks(Maintenance, Erection, District Preparation etc…)
Wage Cost constitutes major component of Total Production Cost. Hence to contain the Cost continuous monitoring of the Manpower Resources is given top priority by the Company right from the beginning for Optimal Utilisation of Manpower.
Manpower Assessment
Manpower Planning
Skill Sets Requirement
Performance Monitoring
Identifying surplus Manpower and introduction of VRS
Advance Planning of Manpower of various skills
Motivational Techniques
Performance of the Company depends upon the motivational levels of its Employees. Hence Company is motivating the employees by introducing various Wage Incentive Plans. Management is monitoring & revising and introducing new schemes to keep in pace with the changing needs.
42 Wage Incentive Plans are in operation
73575 persons covered under Wage Incentive Plan(76.5% of the total employees)
Pay out is about Rs. 18 Crores per annum
Management is now planning to cover all employees under Wage Incentive Plans. And it is going to be a major task to design in the coming days.
In Board of Directors Meetings of the Subsidiaries of Coal India Limited, the Productivity Linked Incentive Schemes in operation in SCCL are being quoted and the management of these companies are approaching for know how from SCCL.
At their request, MCL, WCL and CCL have already been supplied with necessary inputs by IED SCCL on this issue.
Management Information System
For Decision support Systems and Monitoring the Performance of various Inputs
a) Generation of Mine wise, Area wise and Company wise various reports like
Management Control Statement
HEMM Performance Report
UG Machine Mining Performance Report
Information for GM’s Review Meeting
Internal Bench Marking
Change Management
Industrial Engineers are playing active role in Management of change by providing assistance to the Management at various levels. IED acts as a catalyst for Development of the Organisation through various initiatives on Change Management.
Multi Departmental Teams
Member of IR Teams ( Area and Corporate)
Public Relations
Business Process Re-Engineering
(Recent Works)
Out Sourcing/Off Loading of Non-Core Activities (Low Skills, Low Value Addition and High Costs)
BOO System
Introduction of Management by Objectives to improve the economic viability of UG Mines
Development of Sand & Coal Transport Rates
New Methods
67.5 Cft Tubs
New Systems
Area Terminal Benefit Cells
Filing and Correspondence Management
Corporate Purchase
Ergo Designed Work Implements (NID)
Cost Reduction
By developing Norms and Monitoring
Overtime, Playday and PHD Allowances
Material Cost
Wage Cost
Material Norms
HSD Oil Norms fixation and Monitoring
Lubricants Norms fixation and Monitoring
IEs in Other Departments
Planning Departments
Materials Management
Software Development
Perspective View for IED in SCCL
Concentration on Resources Management
Participation in Strategic Management and Decision Support System
Identification of thrust Areas and evolving action plans on a continuous basis
Utilisation of latest concepts like ERP,TQM, TPM etc…
Need for IEs in changing Scenario
Liberalization, Privatization & Globalization is the order of the day and Coal sector is no exception. Improvement of Productivity and improvement of quality and reduction of Cost are the saviors of Coal Industry. Industrial Engineers role in reducing/containing production cost by improving Productivity will be remain more relevant now to keep the company stay competitive and progress further.
The Reports/Recommendations of IED are not always palatable to all. Hence requires consistent support from Top Management.

IE Journals - Journal of Industrial Engineering Design

Journal of Industrial Engineering Design

The Journal of Industrial Engineering Design provides a forum for the disemination and discussion of the capstone design course in Industrial Engineering. Executive summaries of projects as well as teaching notes are gladly accepted. Contact the editors at

The Engineering Economist

The Engineering Economist is published jointly by the Institute of Industrial Engineers' Engineering Economy Division and ASEE's Engineering Economy Division. The quarterly refereed journal is the only publication devoted to the field of capital investment analysis and related topics in the private and public sectors. Articles on such topics as capital budgeting, project evaluation, equipment replacement analysis, and economic design are regularly featured.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Industrial Engineering Safety Dimension Resources

Risk based process safety design
This is an important topic for industrial engineers. They are responsible for work place behaviour of all employees and behavioural safety is an important area for them. This site has a lot of material relevant for this issue.


Unpublished Thesis:

Blake, K. E. (1991) Toward the reduction of risk of carpal tunnel syndrome in video display terminal users through feedback Unpublished master's thesis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Blake, K. E. (1992) Reducing the risk of cumulative trauma in keyboard entry tasks Unpublished doctoral thesis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Cooper, M.D. (1992) An examination of participative and assigned goal-setting in relation to the improvement of safety on construction sites Unpublished doctoral thesis. School of Management, University of Manchester Institute of Science & Technology (UMIST), UK

DeSantamaria, C. A. (1978) A behavior modification approach to occupational safety Unpublished doctoral thesis, University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Harris, T. C. (1997) Predicting workplace safety outcomes through subordinate and supervisor involvement in safety issues Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of Connecticut, Storrs
(Product Evaluation and Process Improvement Guidlines for the Personal Protective Equipment Manufacturers), Ph.D Thesis

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Vacancies for Industrial Engineers

Wanted Jr & Sr Industrial Engineer Urgently

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Experience - 0 to 6 yearsSalary - 7K to 30
Qualification - in Textile or BE in Industrial EngineerBackground - Garment Industry

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Principles of Motion Economy

Use of the Human Body

1. The two hands should begin as well as complete their motions at the same time.
2.The two hands should not be idel at the same time except during rest periods.
3.Motions of the arms should be made in opposite and symmetrical directions and should be made simulataneously.
4. Hand and body motions should be confined to the lowest classification with which it is possible to perform the work satisfactorily.
5. Momentum should be employed to assist the worker wherever possible, and it should be reduced to a minimum if it must be overcome by muscular effort.
6. Smooth continuous motion of the hands are perferable to straight line motions involving sudden and sharp changes in direction.
7. Ballistic movements are faster, easier and moe accurate than restricted (fixation) or controlled movements.
8. Work should be arranged to permit an easy and natural rhythm wherever possible.
9. Eye fixations should be as few and as close together as possible.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Principles of Methods Design

1. change the material being used or contemplated to help meet the goal for the operation being studied.
2. Change the present or contemplated design of product to help meet the goal for the operation being studied.
3. Change the present or contemplated sequence of modification of work on the material or product to help meet the goal for the operation being studied.
4. Change the equipement used or contemplated for the operation to help meet the goal for the operation being studied.
5. Change the method or hand pattern used or contemplated for the operation to help meet the goal for the operation being studied.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Portable, Life-Saving Seat Belt

A lightweight, portable seat belt could save many of the hundreds of lives lost each year by Americans traveling abroad, has been created by undergraduates in the College of Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

This was reported in Industrial Engineer also.

IE conferences 2008

IIE Annual Conference and Expo 2008"
How Businesses Take Flight"
The Westin Bayshore
Vancouver, CanadaMay 17 - 21

IAENG International Conference on Industrial Engineering (ICINDE'08)

Hong Kong, 19-21 March, 2008

Important Dates:

Draft Manuscript submission deadline: 12 December, 2007

Camera-Ready Papers Due & Registration Deadline: 31 December 2007

ICINDE 2008: 19-21 March, 2008

The University of Pittsburgh will host the Insitute of Industrial Engineers Region 1 Student Conference in spring 2008.

Sr. Industrial Engineer: Hite Executive Recruiting

Company Name: Hite Executive Recruiting
Job Category
Engineering/Architecture; Engineering/Architecture
Altoona, PA, USA
Position Type
Full-Time, Employee
2-5 Years Experience
Desired Education Level
Bachelor of Science
Date Posted
August 2007

Our client is a recognized leader in manufacturing and searching for an Industrial Engineer with around 2-5 yrs of manufacturing experience, prefer someone with discrete manufacturing experience.

This position is responsible for improving manufacturing methods, implementing cost reduction projects, and justification of capital equipment. This person will also be responsible for leading an effort towards continuous improvement within our facility. Qualified candidates should possess excellent problem solving skills, honed written and oral communication skills, and demonstrate solid leadership ability.
The qualified candidate should have, at a minimum, a B.S. degree in Industrial Engineering, two to five years or more of Manufacturing Engineering experience. The candidate must be proficient in Microsoft Office products and have demonstrated CADD experience. Solid Works is a plus. If interested please forward your resume and your salary expectations to
Client is offering relocation, a very challenging job with growth opportunity and a very stabe and financially sound company in rural PA.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Harrington Emerson’s Twelve Principles of Efficiency

1. Clearly defined ideals.
2. Common sense
3. Competent counsel
4. Discipline
5. The fair deal
6. Reliable, immediate and adequate records
7. Despatching
8. Standards and schedules
9. Standardized conditions
10. Standardized operations
11. Written standard-practice instructions
12. Efficiency-reward