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Industrial Engineering - Perceptions of Other Professions

Perceptions of Cost Accountants Cost Accountant and Industrial Engineering Paul J. Ratzer The Accounting Review, April 1955

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Industrial Engineering - Perceptions of Other Professions (Miscellaneous Comments)

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Recent Advances in Industrial Engineering Knowledge

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Recent Achievements of IE Departments

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XI-C. Recent Innovations of IE Departments

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Biographies Meritorious Industrial Engineers of Modern Period

Michael L. Eskew - CEO UPS - Reference for Business Encyclopedia artice Michael Riordan - CEO, Greenville Hospital System, South Carolina Tim Cook, CEO Apple

Industrial Engineering Encyclopedia

T Total Industrial Engineering

Industrial Engineering Web Directory

Indian Institute of Industrial Engineering

Contents - Handbook of Industrial Engineering

I. Industrial Engineering - Introduction

I-A. History and Evolution of Industrial Engineering
I-B. What is Industrial Engineering?
I-C. Pioneers in Industrial Engineering
I-D. Industrial Engineering Departments in Companies - Place and Responsibilities
I-E. Industrial Engineering Profession
I-F. Industrial Engineering Departments in Colleges and Universities

II. Processes/Activities that require Human Effort

II-I. Production and Maintenance Processes, Equipment and Materials Handling

II-A. Mechanical Engineering
II-B. Chemical Engineering
II-C. Electrical Engineering
II-D. Civil Engineering
II-E. Agricultural Engineering
II-F. Light Enginneering Industry
II-G. Heavy Engineering Industry
II-H. Automobile Industry
II-I. Transportation Industry
II-J. IT Hardware Industry
II-K. Telecommunications Industry
II-L. Banking and Financial Services Industry
II-M. Hospitality Industry
II-N. Hospital Sector
II-O. Retailing, Wholesale and Related Logistics
II-P. Software Industry
II-Q. Diary Industry
II-R. Light Engineering Industry
II-S. Heavy Engineering Industry
II-T. Agriculture, Horticulture
II-U. Animal Husbandry
II-V. Education Sector
II-W. Publishing Industry
II-X. Miscellaneous Agricultural and Allied Activities
II-Y. Miscellaneous Manufacturing Sectors
II-Z. Miscellaneous Service Sectors

II-II Business/Commercial/Management Processes

II-II-A. Accounting process
II-II-B. Marketing and Sales
II-II-C. Purchasing
II-II-D. Stores
II-II-E. Inventory Planning and Control
II-II-F. Inbound Logistics
II-II-G. Outbound Logistics
II-II-H. Financial Management
II-II-I. Human Resource Management
II-II-J. Corporate Planning and Strategic Management

II-III Miscellaneous Services

II-III-A. Police
II-III-B. Judicial Services
II-III-C. Design and Drafting
II-III-D. Journalism

III. Human Sciences

III-A. Physiology
III-B. Anatomy
III-C. Psychology
III-D. Sociology
III-E. Ergonomics
III-F. Work Physiology
III-G. Industrial Psychology
III-H. Industrial Sociology
III-I. Human Behaviour at Work & Organization Behaviour
III-J. Social Psychology

IV. Decision Sciences

IV-A. Engineering Economics, Financial Accounting and Cost Accounting
IV-B. Mathematics - Applications in Industrial Engineering
IV-C. Statistics - Applications in Industrial Engineering
IV-D. Operations Research and Optimization Techniques - Applications in Industrial Engineering
IV-E. Micro and Macro Economics - Applications in Industrial Engineering
IV-F. Qualitative Criteria and Processes of Decision Making
IV-G. Systems Approach to Decision Making - Applications in IE Practice

V. Industrial Engineering - Human Effort Engineering and System Efficiency Engineering

Human Effort Engineering

V-A. Principles of Efficiency, Motion Economy and Safety
V-B. Motion Analysis and Redesign
V.c. Fatigue Analysis
V.D. Ergonomic Analysis
V-E. Work Station and Facility Improvement and Redesign
V-F. Work Measurement
V-G. Study of Compensation, Rewards and Incentives
V-H. Study of Operator Comfort, Safety and Occupational Health
V-I. Design of Productivity and Safety Devices
V-J. Man-Machine & Man-Material Interface Design

System Efficiency Engineering

V-O. System Documentation
V-P. Methods Efficiency Engineering
V-Q. Product Efficiency and Value Engineering
V-R. Inspection Methods Efficiency Engineering
V-S. Office Methods Efficiency Engineering
V-T. Engineering Economy Studies - Investment and Expenditure Efficiency Improvement
V-U. Application of Statistics to Improve Efficiency of Systems
V-V. Application of Quantitative Techniques and Operations Research to Improve Efficiency of Systems
V-W. Physical Plant and Layout Efficiency Improvement

VI. Industrial Engineering - Work System Design

VI-A. Information to Start Work System Design
VI-B. Site Location and Selection
VI-C. Design of Industrial and Office Buildings - Role of Industrial Engineers
VI-D. Climate Control in Work Places
VI-E. Technlogy and Equipment Selection - Role of Industrial Engineers
VI-F. Work Station Design and Plant & Stores Layout
VI-G. Operator Selection - Role of Industrial Engineers
VI-H. Standard Operating Procedure Design and Communication
VI-I. Training of Operators - Role of Industrial Engineers
VI-J. Initial Operation of the Plant - Role of Industrial Engineers
VI-K. Industrial Engineering Science and Techniques

VII. Management of Industrial Engineering

VII-A. Management of Industrial Engineering Studies
VII-B. Management of Industrial Engineering Department
VII-C. Management of Industrial Engineering Projects (Project Management)
VII-D. Productivity Management
VII-E. Quality Management
VII-F. Operator Comfort Management
VII-G. Safety Management
VII-H. Occupational Health Management
VII-I. Information Management in IE Department

VIII. Augmented Industrial Engineering

VIII-A. Additional Responsibilities Entrusted to IE Departments

IX. Industrial Engineering - Strategic Planning

X. Industrial Engineering - Perceptions of Other Professions

X-A. Perceptions of CEOs and COOs.
X-B. Perceptions of Marketing Managers
X-C. Perceptions of Production Managers
X-D. perceptions of Human Resource ManagementProfessionals
X-E. Perceptions of Cost Accountants
X-F. Perceptions of Trade Unions.

XI. Industrial Engineering - Significant Recent Contributions

XI-A. Recent Advances in Industrial Engineering Knowledge.
XI-B. Recent Achievements of IE Departments
XI-C. Recent Innovations of IE Departments

XII. Biographies Meritorious Industrial Engineers of Modern Period

XIII. Industrial Engineering - Books: Bibliographies, Reviews and Summaries

XIV. Industrial Engineering Encyclopedia

XV. Industrial Engineering Web Directory